Values and Character

Islam is the religion which teaches moral values on priority basis. Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to build right character of humanity. Daughters were guarded with respect, people were taught to stand for their rights and characters were built in a right way. So you can observe that initially Islam was all about believing in one God and then building your characters. Islam is not about following rituals but obeying Allah with pure intentions.

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Your personality is a reflection of your deeds and what values you possess helps you in getting success with happiness. The whole world revolved around your character, you come in a world, make relations and pursue your goals but what people will remember after you die, is your character. After life will be decided on the basis of the character you held throughout in the world.


Right way to build up a right character is to follow the path of Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). Adopt the kindness of Prophet (PBUH), treat your elders like he did, respect women like was used to do, keep empathy for others and always stand beside the truth. If you are human being, show your humanity too; don’t let a monster control your life. Be grateful to Allah for all the blessings and live life with simplicity as Prophet (PBUH) has lived.



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