Votey the Chatbot: 04 Startups Inc. Announces the Release of Exciting and Fun Social Decision Making Facebook Messenger Chatbot


There's no shortage of things the average girl or guy could use help making a decision about.  The social chatbot Votey delivers answers to these questions fast. Give it a try on Facebook Messenger Now!


October 31, 2017


Trying to figure out what to wear, buy or do, can certainly be a challenge minus quality feedback or experience.  Getting another set of eyes to help the decision making process has never been so easy, with the recent launch of social voting chatbot Votey.  From getting help to giving it, Votey helps friends stay connected and opens the door to growing into a social influencer with real impact.


“We saw a place where a smartly designed chatbot could really help on a daily basis,”  commented a spokesperson from O4 Startups Inc., the team behind  “Votey lets users know what's trendy today, and delivers a way to engage friends and influencers through social media that can help everyone get their day off to a good start.”


Votey users can vote for their favorite items to help friend find the valuable things they don't want to miss out on, along with creating votes or promoting the votes of other users.  Operating through Facebook Messenger; Votey is simple to try, set up and use to its fullest.


How to get it? Just click on this Messenger link and click on Get Started button.

See how it works here


Early feedback has been completely positive.


Michelle S., from Boston, recently said, “I'm always having trouble deciding what to wear.  Now, thanks to Votey, I'm close to addicted to getting votes in the morning to help me look my best.  It's too much fun.  Five stars and fully recommended.”



Try it here and for more information be sure to visit